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Car Showrooms

Relying on static posters to gain attention from today’s customer is starting to lose its impetus. Traditional print still has a place in advertising, but consumers are driving a new wave in advertising. They want feature rich content that is fluid and updated constantly. Whether that’s, video, imagery or something more interactive. Digital signage is far more eye-catching and flexible and it allows you to display more information about the vehicles you have available.

More and more car showrooms are using the digital revolution to drive sales by harnessing powerful messages to the conscious and sometimes subconscious prospective customers. By showing a prospective customer and really cool video on how they will look in their new car while driving down a road on a nice summers day will help play on their emotions, because up to 90% of sales are down to emotions. We only use logic to justify our actions to ourselves and others.

Imagine a screen where a customer can play with the model, dismantle it and build their own dream car; everything they need would be right at their fingertips. Using our interactive screens this can be a reality. These types of interaction are already proving popular as a novelty, but soon, it will become a necessary in the future of sales. Especially in the car market.

With Global Visual

A mixture of traditional and interactive touch screens are a great a compliment to any car showroom. Use high quality videos and imagery to capture the potential buyers imagination and play on their emotions. Turn them into buyers.