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Museums, Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Museums and Galleries across the world are starting to realise the huge benefits of using Digital Signage to help convey stories, facts and other information about certain artifacts or art installations.

By harnessing the power of Digital Signage, you can help your Museum or Gallery to be more immersive and interactive to your visitors, thus increasing greater interest and also increasing footfall. This typically leads to more funding for you to grow.

Using Global Visuals Interactive Touch Displays are a perfect fit for this industry.

With Global Visual

Touring exhibitions will benefit both from the advertising opportunities in advance of the tour as well as the ability to seamlessly incorporate the tour into the host museum.

This will make the exhibition feel much more at home, more quickly, as well as allowing the museum to showcase more items without having to take everything on tour.

In addition to the benefits that digital screens will bring to your visitors, don’t forget that they can be updated far more easily than printed materials and they take up much less space meaning a saving in terms of both cost and valuable storage space.