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Restaurants, Bars & Takeaways

As a busy restaurateur/owner of a bar or take away - you’re always on the lookout on how to set your business apart from the competition and get more people through the door. Global Visual’s wide range of Digital Signage solutions can help you do just that. Whether that’s deploying interactive screens to allow your customers to order their own food, or screens placed strategically to help advertise your seasonal offers and prices.

There’s a reason why the big names like McDonalds are starting to invest heavily in this technology. With our full turn-key solutions, we can design and install a great experience for your customers – taking the hassle away froom you and leaving you to run your business. And the good thing is, our screens are cost effective, so you don’t have to break the bank to compete with the big boys.

With Global Visual

Digital and interactive menu boards are becoming an increasingly popular choice, as menus can be changed by season, week, day or even hour. This means you could have your breakfast offers on from 8am, then have it automatically change to lunchtime offers at 11:30am without any effort on your part. Your menu is also far more bright and eye-catching, which will allow you to market your food and drink even better.